on a budget

being such on trend fashionistas can be hard sometimes (or at least, so i hear.. would an actual on-trend fashionista let me know?)… and keeping up with everyone’s *latest releases* can be taxing on the pocket book!

so my girls && i decided to give ourselves a bit of a challenge: put together a head-to-toe look using only 300L.

now, we made some exceptions, like shapes, skins && body parts are not included in the overall challenge budget. most avatars in second life, if not all avatars in second life, already have their own *look* when it comes to face and body shape, so think of these looks as on-the-cheap outfits on very put-together mannequins. ;p

on a budget

everything else though? clothes, eyes, hair, tattoos, accessories… these *had* to be within the 300L budget. and i, for one, think we did pretty damn awesome! none of us went over the limit and, in fact, pumms ‘n’ i were well under-budget for our outfits even. but it was certainly a challenge to pull together an entire look on a very small budget!

on a budget - pumms

pumms‘ look, all in gold & turqoise, centers around a discounted top from so many styles (found @ the dressing room fusion) && a ruffly color-change skirt by alyce. some sandals on sale (by reign), a *dollarbie* hairstyle by clawtooth and some inexpensive bangles by maxi gossamer round out her look with some go-to brands but, thanks to the hefty discounts, didn’t push her over-budget!

on a budget - vixxie

my look was built around this gorgeous *group gift* lace top from zaara. the group is free to join, and the shirt is free to snag, and it was just too good to pass up! and since the shirt was free, i was able to pile on a few extras that are typically integral to my usual look — a discounted piercing by haus of darcy @ tengoku no rakuen && two cheapie tattoos for the arm and foot by letis — without breaking the bank!

on a budget - vivienne

and finally, we have vivienne. she looks summery and cute in a past-flf skirt by pixicat and a discounted tank by baiastice that’s in the current collabor88 collection. her sandals, also by reign, were part of this past saturday sale && her hair is another hair fair dollarbie(!) by exile. and her entire look came to the low, low cost of 299L.. right at budget and spot-on for fashionable!

so, y’know, fashion on the cheap *can* be done. and while it’s difficult to do, there are lots of discount events out there to check out. with a little mixin’ and matchin’, you really can rock an outfit that is inexpensive, but doesn’t look that way!

what we’re wearing…
on pumms (red hair) ::
eyes – insufferable dastard – reflection eyes in sunset (0L)
hair – clawtooth – very very in dreamy red (@ hair fair – 1L)
top – so many styles – sleeveless crop top cassettes (@ the dressing room fusion – 70L)
skirt – alyce – customizable ruffle skirt (90L)
shoes – reign empress sandals in tan (past saturday sale item – 75L)
jewelry – maxi gossamer – boho bangles in gold and lapis lazuli (49L)
total cost :: 285L

on vixxie (purple hair) ::
eyes – insufferable dastard – thank you gift (0L)
hair – red mint – hair no.23’14 (@ hair fair – 1L)
lipstick – pink fuel – shine lipstick in pink (group gift – 0L)
piercings – haus of darcy – end of the night (@ tengoku no rakuen – 60L)
foot tattoo – letis – butterfly lilies (1L)
arm tattoo – letis – unicorns (75L)
top – zaara – lila crop top (group gift – 0L)
shorts – modan mesh – shorts in tan (@ fi*fridays – 55L)
shoes – l.warwick – eliza cork platform wedges in pearl (@ my attic – 95L)
bracelet – kosh – multiplex bracelet (1L)
total cost :: 288L

on vivienne (dark hair) ::
eyes – insufferable dastard – natural eyes in barbados (0L)
hair – exile – after the rain in sparkle black (@ hair fair – 1L)
top – baiastice – kafue top in print traditional (@ collabor88 – 88L)
skirt – pixicat – the dark skirt (past fifty linden friday item – 50L)
shoes – reign – hermosa wedges in navy (past saturday sale item – 75L)
necklace – maxi gossamer – love teddy bear necklace in love heart (50L gacha)
bracelet – nudolu – bracelet elastique in ciel (35L gacha)
total cost :: 299L


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