what’s your flavor?

The #1 place I’d have to say I like ice cream is in my mouth but a close 2nd would have to be on my feet..

These new Icecream heels (for the slink high feet) from CandyDoll (found @ The Chapter Four) look almost good enough to eat.. @.@


I styled them with some cute skinny jeans from Pink Outfitters and this adorable tank from coldLogic for a more casual look. However, these heels could be paired with almost any kind of outfit and look tasty.


My flavor is Banana.. What is yours??


What I’m Wearing..

PiercingHaus of Darcy End Of The Night Prt. 1 & 2 (Silver Lining)
TopcoldLogic Cates (Yellow)
Hairlittle bones Lux
BanglesMaxi Gossamer Sugar Candy Pink
RingMaxi Gossamer My Dear Heart
RingMaxi Gossamer Kinbaku Heart
JeansPink Outfitters Wanted Skinny Jeans (@ FaMESHed)
ShoesCandyDoll Icecream Banana (@ The Chapter Four)
Foot TattooLetis Rosary
Hand TattooLetis Butterflies Lilies
Nails(.vix) Pastel Tips


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