can i have a bite?

i’m the type of person that takes her food very seriously. i make sure the presentation is nice, i make sure the atmosphere is nice, i make sure my meal as a whole is nice. this is very much my food mantra && heaven help you if you decide to swipe a fry from my plate…

so today, after vivienne went off to do some shopping, and left her new troupe of li’l dogs at the house, i was stuck *dog-sitting* during lunch..

can i have a bite?

and things got kind of whiny.

now i don’t usually mind these buggers.. they’re cray cray adorbs and typically don’t pay me much attention. suppose i’m not *vivi* enough for them. but this li’l guy took quite a liking to me after i sat down for my midday meal.

can i have a bite?

i think small dogs are known for their smarts. i mean, look at the size of his head, there’s gotta be a whole lotta brains in there. and i suppose what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in cleverness, because the next thing i knew.. he was using the garbage can, milk jug, and the edge of the counter as a stairway straight to my plate!

can i have a bite?

after a few moments of trying to do battle with this wily little animal.. after all, this was *my* lunch, i’d even taken the time to light some candles && pour myself a glass of sweet red wine… but it was of no use. every bite i took, those wide eyes were watching me and those incessant paws were nudging at my hands. i just couldn’t take it anymore.

……so i gave up and relented my delicious lunch to him. what else could i do? there was no getting away from him and, to be truthful, i *had* to give him a reward.. he was a whole lot smarter than i gave him credit for!

but this nonsense is totally why i am a cat person!!

what i’m wearing…
body – slink – physique
hands – slink – avatar enhancement hands gesture
feet – slink – avatar enhancement feet flat
skin – pink fuel – sora sugoi in vanilla
eyes – insufferable dastard – natural eyes in spring
lashes – ftl – eyelashes c01 natural
nails – .vix – neon zebra white
hair – truth – malibu (@ uber)
lipstick – pink fuel – harley lipstick in beestung
upper tattoos – letis – the love (chest/arm) && unicornis (arm)
feet tattoos – elska – little miss grump
ears – mandala – simple ears hutuu
ear piercings – haus of darcy – kyo
facial piercings – haus of darcy – deviyn
chest piercings – haus of darcy – breandan
earrings – maxi gossamer – vallari hoops
tank – teefy – isobel tank in tropical
shorts – erratic – jessy studded shorts in blue5
shoes – reign – tootiefruity flops in watermelon
necklace – half deer – nekolace in white
ring – maxi gossamer – roho
puppy – alchemy – chi chi chihuahua spike brown (@ chapter four)

kitchen set, sitting poses && food – laq
wine tray – dysfunctional designs
rug – lisp
milk jug – floorplan
trash can – realist tek
standing poses – everglow (subscribo gift)


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