banrion faolchu

as the months go by, i find myself looking more && more forward to we ♥ roleplay. it’s not because i do much roleplaying in sl (unless you count the random /me emotes i throw out from time to time), but because one of my favorite brands on the grid releases the most awesome stuff there.

and yeah, i may be a tease right now by showing off what will await you at the event this month from haus of darcy, but.. i’ve never been one to contain myself when there’s hod goodies to be had~

banríon faolchú

the banríon faolchú (for the ladies) && rí fhaolchú (for the gents) sets of piercings ‘n’ paints will be available on september 4th and while they are simple, they do not lack what aydan darcy is so damn good at… that unique creativity and general gorgeousness that comes with everything from hod.

this specific color of piercing that i’m wearing, called blood drop, is an exclusive to the event.. and more importantly, is part of a limited fatpack called royal deluxe, which not only includes the piercing metal i have on, but also the other usual metallic textures and the makeup tattoos (both the *delicious* eyeshadow && the face paints) for men and women. with only 100 copies sold at the event, and exactly *none* sold after the event is over, make sure you do not miss out on these!

i may not roleplay, but that doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate the pretty when i see it. and i don’t *need* to roleplay to rock these paints and piercings, ’cause holy shit. when they’re good, they’re good, whether you’re an avid roleplayer or a vain ‘photographer’ with a fashion blog.. /me coughs

what i’m wearing…
body – slink – physique
skin – pink fuel – sora sugoi in vanilla
hair – wasabi pills – laura in crystal violet
eyes – dead apples – anime eyes in flower
face paint, eyeshadow && facial piercings – haus of darcy – banríon faolchú (paints, piercings) + royal eyeshadow (available sept 4 @ we love roleplay!)
chest paint – haus of darcy – elegy
horns – plastik – vynn horns
collar – plastik – krysis collar
pose – exposeur


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