new round new haus..

September 4th marks the date for the new round of we love roleplay and with that comes new goodies from Haus of Darcy!

This round you can purchase Rí Fhaolchú (Wolf King) for men or Banríon Faolchú (Wolf Queen) for the ladies. Male & female sets are sold separately so be sure to get the right one, for the Rí Fhaolchú set can not be sized down to fit a female.

new round new haus..

I personally recommend the Royal Deluxe fatpack that includes all the colors, both male and female piercings/paints, and the “Blood Drop” mixed metals which is ONLY available in this package. Only 100 copies will be sold of the Royal Deluxe package, and will not be sold again after the event is over.. So hurry up and grab yours!

What I’m Wearing..

Face PaintHaus of Darcy Banrion Faolchu
Face PiercingHaus of Darcy Banrion Faolchu Silver Lining
HairTruth Zoella
Hair AccessoryRO Papillon Spinel
SkinGlam Affair Skye Asia 7
EyesIkon Promise Eyes Green
LashesMon Cheri Falsies


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