whenever i have a look ready to blog that i think fits a more urban setting, i seem to always gravitate towards backdrops with graffiti…

Little Bones Blogger Contest

dunno why, really. suppose nothing screams city scene to me quite like some good old fashioned vandalism.


my look today centers around a few different things — a hair i’ve been dying to post but couldn’t quite get the right *look* for until now, a brand freakin’ new skin from pink fuel && a gift from one of my besties. ♥

first, the skin. it should come as no surprise that i am a *massive* fan of pink fuel && mochi milena’s work. it’s rare that i even wear another skin brand, anymore. and while i debated for a few days on whether or not this skin fit me or looked too young or was the right tone, i simply could not resist this super cute face. you are spoiled with appliers and makeup options and even *tintable* eyebrows (yay for the unnatural hair color wearers like me!), which left me feeling like a kid on christmas while tryin’ it all on. it may not replace my current favorite skin of mochi’s, but it comes pretty damn close!


as for the hair, it’s by little bones and is out @ the swag fest 2 event. i’ve been holding onto this style since the event opened, trying to find the right outfit to wear it with.. because i felt like i had to do it justice. i am *such* a sucker for streaks && am loving this brand’s habit of including them in the most recent styles, but this half-n-half hair did me in. i love the waves, i could die over these vibrant rainbow tones, and the option to wear two hair colors at once pretty much sealed this hair as one of my current faves.

and laaaaaaastly – my gift! bff bibi visited the young spirit event with her eye on something and came back, instead, with a gift for li’l ole me. i knew there was a reason why i kept her around. 😉 the top i’m wearing here from suicidal unborn is basically me in a nutshell. i cannot deny my fondness for grumpy cat && the mixture of cute and creepy is *so* up my alley. of course i had to blog it, if for no other reason than to brag about how i have the best girlfriends ever!

i gotta say, i am one happy fashionista today. new skins, gorge hair, and pressies (of which i can *never* get enough, ehe!) are some of my most favorite things~~ though, to be fair, new haus of darcy piercings like i’m wearing here rank high up there too..

what i’m wearing…
hands – slink – avatar enhancement gesture
body – slink – physique
feet – slink – avatar enhancement high
skin – pink fuel – doll v2 (worn w/ thin gloss in pink)
eye shadow – pink fuel – shimmer eyeshadow in barely there + wing
eyes – s0ng – chibi eyes in ice
hair – little bones – suffragette (@ swagfest)
nails – .vix – falloween
body tattoo – letis – the love && unicornis
hand tattoo – haus of darcy – sanvean
foot tattoo – letis – rosary
facial piercings – haus of darcy – #1 (@ on sept 20)
chest piercings – haus of darcy – breandan
stomach piercings – haus of darcy – thrust
top – suicidal unborn – black carnival crop top #12
pants – coco – cargo pants in khaki
shoes – reign – magnetic pumps in camel
watch – mandala – billionaire watch in black
ring – maxi gossamer – ramona 77
necklace – mandala – taiga necklace
choker – amorous – love strung

poses – glitterati
location – mayfair


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