wanna play a little game..

wanna play a little game..

It’s not what it looks like.. I swear…

wanna play a little game..

We were just finger painting & drinking some kool aid.. but then we ran out.

wanna play a little game..

*slowly slides a tape recorder towards pancho* Hello Braden. Or as the folks around LHQ like to call you.. Pancho. For years you have burned those around you with your pipas, stashes, and brightly colored suits. Actually I really like those things. Hm. Well.. just bring us some more paint & kool aid and you can have Bibi back. Actually you can just have her back because she keeps singing.. and actually I didn’t even tie her up, she did that herself. ..It’s like that one episode of that show I can’t remember the name, where the girl tied herself up to make it look like someone else did it but she really did it herself because she wanted to make it look like they were psycho even though they weren’t. I mean I just like dressing up like Billy. Billy was a doll made by Jigsaw, he wasn’t even Jigsaw. I don’t want to live in a world where one can’t dress up like doll & paint with her friend. I really don’t. So yeah.. In conclusion you don’t need to do anything because I already let her go.. I was going to hang out, but.. maybe we could get a pizza or, you know, scam some chicks or something right? I can’t believe the tape on this hasn’t runo–

What we are wearing..


Face PaintRotten Toe Jigsaw Makeup
Eye ShadowGlamorize Insanity Eye Makeup Charcoal
LashesMon Cheri Falsies
BowtiePixicat Bow/Tie
TopIson Work It Blazer
BottomIson Work It Trousers
ShoesReign Parlay Heels
Hands Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
FeetSlink Female Feet High
Hair Truth Olinda
SkinGlam Affair Roza 07
Eyes Insufferable Dastard Demon Eyes Solid Black
GlovesGraves G494 Gloves
SocksSn@tch Pop Knee Socks


Eye ShadowBuzzeri Nyx Eyeshadow Salem
Face Tattoo Corvus Beaten Up Face Tattoo
LashesMon Cheri Falsies
Piercing Haus of Darcy Banrion Faolchu Slide
Gag EBMod Cloth Gag
ShirtCorvus Bloody Shirt
FeetSlink Female Feet High
Body Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hair Tableau Vivant Hallie
SkinGlam Affair Sia Jamaica
EyesRepulse Lacerated Eyes
Body TattooAma All Over Blood Splatter
PantiesBlacklace Courtney
ChairPurple Poses Sexy Chair Prop


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