sooooo, if you knew me personally in sl.. or even offline.. then you’d know i have a certain, um.. way with words. i try to keep it to a minimum here on our blog, so as not to offend your sensibilities, dear readers… but well. to be perfectly blunt, i tend to swear a whole fucking lot.

you might have seen a li’l peek into my usual vocabulary with pumms’ now-classic post, titled simply crisp as fuck, where she showed off to the world the true eloquence of my vernacular. and true enough, using “as fuck” as a descriptor is one of my favorite things to do.

the air is crisp as fuck
i’m hungry as fuck
that dress is cute as fuck
my ass is itchy as fuck

…and so on.


naturally, when i spied this tee + fur-trimmed jacket combo by foxes at the latest round of no.21, i figured it must have been made *just* for me! of course, some could possibly describe me as like school on saturday… no class, but i’d argue that i am indeed classy as fuck. my shirt says so, after all!


plus this jacket is *so* deliciously textured, with reach-out-and-touch-it leathers and fur, that i could not resist it. the shirt design was just an added bonus. there are less sweary options for the tee, including a whole rainbow of plain colors, but this one is by far my favorite of the bunch. helloooo, new favorite jacket for fall ‘n’ winter!

what i’m wearing…
body – slink – physique
hands – slink – avatar enhancement gesture
ears – mandala – simple ears hutuu
skin – pink fuel – doll v2
eyes – s0ng – gloom blue eye (@ cosmetics fair)
eyeliner – mons – black eyeliner series #8
hair – lamb – nothing
facial piercings – haus of darcy – the dead (@ tengoku no rakuen)
ear piercings – haus of darcy – kyo
body tattoo – letis – dione
hand tattoo – moon amore – freakshow hand tattoo (@ cosmetics fair)
manicure – .vix – blackened tips
jacket + top – foxes – aviator jacket in black (@ no21)
jeans – kitja cherie – eve jeans in dark blue (@ kustom9)
boots – reign – moccasin boots in black
necklace – tea.s – sir bones necklace
glove – suicidal unborn – ivy glove in black
earrings – maxi gossamer – vallari hoops
poses – exposeur
location – virtual decay


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