holiday house tour v2.0

last year, i did a blog post called house tour where i showed off the home my girls && i share, once it was all decked out for christmas.

weeeee~eeeell, this year we’ve moved ‘n’ upgraded to more land (and more prims!), so i’ve got a li’l slice of holiday heaven for just the hubs and me. and i thought why not show it all off? :3

so no *fashion* today, just pictures of my home! come on in~~ /me holds the front gate open

holiday house tour - outside

you’ll notice a theme with my holiday home — it’s chalk *full* of stuffs from the arcade. when previews of all the goodies at the event started poppin’ up on flickr, i absolutely fell in love with the rare cabin from 8f8. i plugged that machine soooo many times to snag this house && i promptly rejoiced when i finally got it! i looove it. it’s small, but it’s just enough room for allarik and me.

holiday house tour - living room

since our land is all wintery, i took the theme and ran with it. in my very humble opinion, everything inside is cozy and warm and inviting and christmas.. which is exactly what i wanted for the holidays this year. the tree is already up ‘n’ trimmed, there are soft throws on the chairs to keep you extra toasty, hot chocolate on the coffee table && of course, all my various li’l animal friends making themselves quite at home. i’ve currently got 3 dogs and 4 cats running around, see if you can spot ’em all. ;p

holiday house tour - kitchen/dining area

with it just being allarik and me, i can get away with having a small kitchen && dining room. and even more importantly, allarik and i are perfectly capable of living on chinese food leftovers for weeks at a time, which means the kitchen can stay nice and clean! you should’ve seen the kitchen the last time allarik decided to make dinner… i swear the walls were permanently stained with spaghetti sauce.

holiday house tour - loft spaces

and lastly, there are two loft spaces in the cabin.. one is for our “bedroom”, and the other is for a little reading && writing nook that i made just for myself. if you *couldn’t* tell from the rambling i’ve done on all my various blogs, i love to write.. and this set from pixel mode at the arcade was another one i had to hit up. it’s gorgeous and filled the loft above the kitchen nicely. plus i have an *awesome* view of the snow falling outside when i sit up there at the desk!

i may not be the most talented interior decorator, but i had so much fun with this cabin. it’s cluttered and full of stuff that’s just for me and my husband, and it’s christmas-ready way in advance.. so all we have left to do is sit back ‘n’ relax for the rest of the holiday season!

if you’re curious where anything specific is from, i’ll gladly answer in the comments.. but since i’m lazy (and there is a *lot* to credit stuffed in this tiny house!) i’ll leave a simple list the creators of the items i’ve used: 8f8, what next, floorplan, fashionably dead, laq, tres blah, dust bunny, alouette, bazar, trompe loeil, pure poison, aisling, mudhoney, ison, pixel mode, commoner, barnesworth anubis, half deer, ispachi, le primitif, apple fall, izzie’s, sway’s, dysfunctional designs, lisp, pixicat, intrigue co, mish mish, the secret store, erratic, nylon outfitters, olive, sanctuaire and even some freebies from last year for premium members from linden lab! ♥


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