it’s a bit nippley in here..

a new round of is up and haus of darcy has excited me once more with some awesome piercings, a facial, chest, and nipple piercing?  yes please.


sideswept, bulletproof, and lust were all done a while back by haus of darcy but this time they’ve all been revamped and are 100% mesh, each piercing comes with several different variations that can be worn and the nipple rings come with a lovely hud for skin tinting that i didn’t find to be difficult to use at all!  a lot of work was put into these and you can tell, because they are all fabulous and if you are a piercing addict like myself, you won’t be disappointed.

be sure to stop by to buy them!!! check them out and have a look at all of the other great content there as well.


• ♥ (body) slink – physique mesh body
• ♥ (hands) slink – avatar enhancement hands – elegant 1 & casual
• ♥ (feet) slink – avatar enhancement feet – high
• ♥ (skin) glam affair – amberly II – jamaica 06 (available at collaborate)
• ♥ (eyes) buzzeri – lillian eyes – siren (available at kustom 9)
• ♥ (hair) lamb – strangelove – ROYGBIV pack
• ♥ (facial piercing) haus of darcy – sideswept (available at
• ♥ (chest piercing) haus of darcy – bulletproof (available at
• ♥ (nipple piercing) haus of darcy – lust (available at
• ♥ (tattoo) letis tattoo – inermis


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