it’s that time once again for a monday meme from strawberry singh! i didn’t do last week’s sartorialist challenge because i’m a hermit and people scare me, but this week.. making a #SecondLifeProblems meme pic, this i can do!


my fellow shopaholics, i know you feel me on this one.

now, while i don’t technically have a 100k inventory (yet), my number is still higher than i’d like it to be. and no matter how much shopping i do, i swear it always feels like there is *nothing* in there to put on. i’ve got plenty of sweaters and jeans and dresses and tank tops and skirts and shorts and all kinds of other nonsense stashed away in there, but sometimes.. nothing feels right && you end up in your underwear.

black 'n' pink

i *know* this can’t just be me, right? …right?

i guess, in a way, just wearin’ some undies lets other things shine — like my hair, or my tattoo, or my shoes. this hair style i’m sporting is from little bones (called berry, how appropriate!), is on offer @ n21, and this color i’m wearing is brand new. i am in love. these colored roots are *everything* and i adored this pink ‘n’ blonde combo, but there’s a selection of natural colors with unnatural roots in this pack that are totally worth checking out. my shoes, by reign are also out @ n21, and i about died over ’em. chunky heels, color-change socks, and they fit the included feet with the maitreya body too (which i only just grabbed the other day, i know i’m a slowpoke) as well as slink’s feet. aaaaaand if you liked my tattoo from yesterday, this is a much more up-close look at it. i love crazy, all over, full body, color tattoos like these && this one from speakeasy is easily one of my new faves~

so, y’know, i can pretend my #slproblems actually work in my favor.. but i think we all know that really, deep down, i was having outfit block && berry’s meme came to the rescue. ;P

what (little) i’m wearing…
hands – slink – avatar enhancement gesture && elegant
body + feet – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
skin – glam affair – amberly II in asia 06
eyes – s0ng – blossom blue eyes
hair – little bones – berry (@ n21)
tattoo – speakeasy – ink’d temple (available feb 1st @ fashion fair)
piercings – haus of darcy – sideswept
nails – .vix – blackened tips
undies – maitreya – lara lingerie (included w/ the lara body)
shoes – reign – fett plats in black (@ n21)
rings – formanails – opalis black (@ designer circle)
poses – .vix


3 thoughts on “#SLProblems

  1. A friend who came over to see me do a photo-shoot last night said that ever since the advent of mesh bodies, people just want to get nekkid. So I pointed out to her that I was still wearing panties and two blue butterflies as substitutes for pasties. Oh yeah – and horns on my head (and even shoes I might add). So I thought that I was almost dressed!! 😀

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