intergalactic planetary

mission log: january 27, 4043

the assignment is complete. extraction of the subject has been a success. it was not without complications, but the details of our mission are as follows…

as is protocol, i accompanied captain pumms burton la forge to the planet insilico. as we circled the planet for landing, a grouping of hostiles — specifically, ail’en creatures — began shooting the hull of our ship, the centennial eagle. following captain pumms’ orders, i used the ship’s front-mounted lasers to precisely behead all five tentacled beasts, and afterwards we were able to leave the ship in orbit and land safely on the planet’s southern side.

once there, we promptly located the laboratory where the subject, the bi-pedal bi-ological space-elf, codename: bibi, was being held. she was in stasis, confined to a large cryo-chamber, which i quickly disabled. however, as i was accessing the chamber’s main core, i unexpectedly activated a fail safe alarm; and while i was able to free the bibi it was not without alerting security.

as the lab flooded with ail’en tentacles, captain pumms assured me that this was how the plan was to “go down”. she stated that she knew the alarms would sound, and that it was on purpose, specifically to bring out the rat, as she called him. this is a man that captain pumms has referred to before — one by the name of nicholo cagerro — who, she says, was the person that took her eyes in a fight, eons ago. he just so happened to also be interested in the bibi and the information she could provide, and the captain had pulled me into her fight with mr. cagerro without full disclosure.

the captain unsheathed her “boom stick” and began shooting almost immediately after informing me that we were looking for mr. cagerro as well. the ail’en tentacles were no threat to me, a machine has very little to fear from large writhing appendages, but i followed my original orders to extract the bibi safely. as the captain began taking out the beasts one by one, i hoisted the bibi in my arms — at least, what is left of my once-human limbs — and backed towards the large windows within the lab. at my call, the captain reached her laser pistol back towards us and blasted through the glass. i was able to escape by descending the building’s facade with the subject in my grasp.

once i had the bibi safely outside of the laboratory, i became aware that the captain was not with us. she was on the ledge of the broken window, shooting and screaming at the ail’en to bring out their boss, for nicholo cagerro to show his “dirty rotten face”. i will fully admit that part of my still-human brain told me to take the elf and run as per my orders, but as i’ve flown with captain burton la forge for several decades now, my emotional cortex would not allow me to leave her there. i accessed my internal computer, quickly synced my signal with the laboratory machinery, and took remote control of the mechanical arm within the cryo-chamber (yes, the same chamber that held the bibi captive mere moments before) to knock captain pumms out of the broken window.

having the strength of titanium bones inside my human flesh sack, i was able to catch the captain as she plummeted to the ground, still shouting and blasting off her weapon, and with both the captain and the subject safe, i forcibly escorted both of them back to our hovering ship.

i realize the importance of the bibi, i understand that she is our only hope. the information she can provide us about her fallen species of elves will prove invaluable if we are ever to take their planet nadril back from the ail’en. but even as a lowly ranked human-computer hybrid, i must implore you to keep an eye on captain pumms. she has become overwhelmed with rage towards mr. cagerro as the years have gone on, and i fear the loss of her eye sight has been too much for her feeble, squishy brain to comprehend. consider this my last mission with captain burton la forge and also, consider this my official request for other placement within LHQ. perhaps a desk job? as i am half machine, i do have a mean WPM….

V.I.X. – virtual intelligence xyborg


on captain pumms burton la forge ::
body – maitreya – lara
skin – glam affair – sia II in arctic 02
lipstick – glamorize – new occasion lips in silver
hair – truth – ivana
top, pants + shoes – pixicat – visionary set (@ uber)
gloves – secret store – leather gloves in sky
goggles – reckless – geordi in silver (@ uber)
weapon – madness – rd sci fi gun

on the bibi ::
body – slink – physique
hands – slink – avatar enhancement casual && elegant1
ears – mandala – steking ears
skin – glam affair – cassia fantasy in silver 01
makeup – chelle – tropical eyeshadow in blue/teal
eyes – insufferable dastard – neon eyes in blue
hair – olive – the lightyear hair (@ uber)
piercings – haus of darcy – sideswept
top – erratic – neo leather jacket in white (@ uber)
pants – sn@tch – needful latex suit
boots – mutresse – luna boots (@ uber)

on V.I.X. ::
body, hands + feet – maitreya – lara
skin – glam affair – sia pearl in dead doll (past group gift)
ears – mandala – steking ears
eyes – clemm – coal scoped eyes
hair – tableau vivant – keiran
facial piercings – haus of darcy – sideswept
chest piercings – haus of darcy – bulletproof
top – ison – geometric corset in black
skirt – teefy – astra cut out skirt in classic (@ uber)
stockings – suicidal unborn – lady rebel tights
shoes – reign – empire plats in black (@ uber)
arms – amorous – albedo 0 point 39
necklace – swallow – necklace heartwings

location – insilico south


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