paint me a picture challenge..

Once in awhile I get in the mood to be creative so I thought up a challenge for my friends that I like to call.. paint me a picture.  The basic principle is that I give everyone a short, vague story & an inspiration pallet & it is up to them to interpret the story into their own vision.  This is the story –

The Woman

She entered the room & saw it.  It was as if someone had reached into her subconscious and pulled out every memory from that day.  The colors slapped her in the face as she hit her knee on the corner of it, and for that one moment it was actually if she could smell the scent that she had buried so deep into her mind.  For so long she had forgotten, not just the memory, but how much she had missed remembering.  She took a deep breath and..

He broke my heart.. so i tore it out.
By Vivienne Tailleur

paint me a picture challenge..

I will love you until the last rose dies.
By Vixxie Vultee

paint me a picture challenge..

Too Late.
By Pumms Stanton

paint me a picture challenge..

Shit got real deep and real dark real fast.. But this was a lot of fun & I highly recommend trying it!  You are of course welcome to use my story.. Or gather some friends & create your own story & inspiration pallets – it’s really interesting to see what everyone comes up with!

What We’re Wearing..

There is a lot going on here!  I am just going to cover the basics, if you would like to know where anything is from that is not credited please feel free to ask me in the comments. 🙂

Vivienne (so i tore it out)


TattooAma. Lighter Blood Splatter Full Body Tattoo
BodySlink Physique Mesh Body
HandsSlink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
FeetSlink Female Feet High
SkinGlam Affair Sophie in Asia (oh my valentine – group gift)
Hair Ploom Yuki (@ creepy kawaii fair)
NecklaceYummy Cushion Gemstone and Diamond Pendant

Vixxie (until the last rose dies)


TattooSpeakeasy Wild Spirit Tat
BodyMaitreya Mesh Body Lara
HandsSlink Avatar Enhancement Hands Gesture
FeetSlink Female Feet Flat
SkinGlam Affair Ellie in Asia
EarsMandala Steking Ears
HairTruth Harmony
TopBlueberry Nicole Tank Top
JeansMaitreya Zipper Skinny Jeans
ShoesFlite Malibu Lows in Pink

Pumms (too late)


TattooReckless Afterlife
Body/FeetMaitreya Mesh Body Lara
HandsSlink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
SkinGlam Affair Sia in Polar
EarsMandala Steking Ears
HairTruth Sally
DressMaitreya Vixen Dress in Plum
RingMaxi Gossamer Sleeping Beauty Heart
HangersHydra Cloth Hanger


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