paint me a picture challenge, round two

a week ago, my girls ‘n’ i participated in a challenge issued by pumms, to paint her a picture using a defined space, a set of prompts, and our imagination.

it was such a creative idea! and one i had more fun with than i’ve had with a blogger challenge in a while. i was impressed with pumms’ idea (she’s a creative one, that girl) and when we all had some time together, i *jumped* at the chance to issue my own version!

if you haven’t seen our last one, the rules are simple. you have a small box platform to decorate however you see fit, to go along with whatever random inspiration palette you get. you interpret a story prompt however you want, using the colors and images you’re given. my rules included *having* to use the objects && colors in the scene, in whatever way worked for the story, and each palette board was supposed to depict a cliched kind of story.

this is the prompt i wrote!

The door closed behind her with a soft click. She leaned back against it, her breathing staccato and jagged. Her mind was reeling, flipping from one thought to the next in a race to an end she couldn’t quite see yet. But she was there, and that felt good enough. In a moment, she would have to go back out there. She’d have to open the door and face what was in front of her. It all felt familiar and strange; soothing and scary wrapped in the same packaging. Excitement and dread filled her both at once, but she steeled her nerves. This was it. All it took was a grab to the doorknob, a step through the doorway, and she was right back in it…

and here’s how we did it…

pumms – who got this story board – in hello, goodbye

since she got the wedding scene, i was expecting a jilted lover left at the altar. instead, pumms took it to the entire opposite end of the spectrum && depicted a lost widow mourning the death of her husband on what appears to be their wedding anniversary.

vivi – who got this story board – in pretty woman

as i was creating these prompts and collages, i saw this set as a new wife having her wedding night with her husband, while on honeymoon, and being nervous and excited over it. i think vivi’s scene works for that too, but what she said her story was telling… was a lady of the night setting up a particularly expensive trick.

and lastly, vixxie (that’s me!) – who got this story board – in private dancer

mine was the most obvious of the three, and one i was hoping i’d get. but i played fair and had vivi decide which number i’d get, and i still got the one i wanted! i had an idea for a story already in my head the moment i made this palette up. at face value, it appears as if i’ve just finished entertaining a very happy client, but in reality… well.. there *are* tears streaming down my face. i’ll let you take that however you like~ after all, interpretation is the name of the game here!

this kind of challenge is *so* much fun. it really pushes your creativity, and makes you dig deep in your inventory for rezzables fitting the story in your mind. there is a fourth storyboard i created, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any accusations that i was trying to make it easy on myself, so you’re welcome to use it to create your own paint me a picture. try it, take the story where ever you like!

what we’re wearing…
on pumms (hello, goodbye – red hair) ::
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant1
mouth – pxl – sweetlips
skin – glam affair – alice in polar 04 (@ kustom9)
hair – truth – avena
eyes – s0ng – luna envi eye (@ kustom9)
dress – miamai – evelina in oyster
flowers – rebel hope – bridal bouquet in gothic
necklace (in hand) – maxi gossamer – dog tags flowers fleur de lys and jewels

on vivienne (pretty woman – white hair) ::
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant1
mouth – pxl – sweetlips
skin – glam affair – alice in america 01 (@ shiny shabby)
hair – lamb – bunny (@ n21)
eyes – s0ng – luna envi eye (@ kustom9)
lingerie – zaara – chanchal lingerie in onyx
shoes – reign – eternal heels in black
necklace – yummy – cushion gemstone and diamond pendant

on vixxie (private dancer – blonde hair)::
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement gesture
feet – slink – avatar enhancement high
mouth – pxl – sweetlips
eyes – slink – mesh eyelids
skin – glam affair – alice in asia 02 (@ kustom9)
hair – little bones – lady (@ n21)
tattoo – speakeasy – illuminate
nails – .vix – blackened tips
lingerie – sn@tch – candy lingerie
shoes – moda – saucy platform heels in white
garter – – bitch garter

since there are *so* many objects in each picture, if you’re curious as to where any furniture/props are from.. please let me know in the comments and i’ll gladly share!


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