my digits..

My friends are lame asleep this morning, so I am left to my own boredom and forced to entertain myself.  *squints at Vixxie & Vivi*

So I will take this time to do this weeks Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh!  I know that you are all just dying to know what it takes to have a voluptuous body like this so let’s get right to it..

my digits..

Hello my name is Pumms and I am 181 cm (5’11”)..

Height – 37
Body Fat – 10
Head Size – 52
Torso Muscle – 50
Breast Size – 70
Arm Length – 83
Hand Size – 20
Torso Length – 49
Love Handles – 25
Belly Size – 10
Leg Muscle – 70
Leg Length – 56
Hip Width – 55
Butt Size – 50
Saddle Bags – 38

I always wear a mesh body, currently I have on the Maitreya Lara.  The latter is also my current preference, although I do own the Slink mesh body as well.  I think once you go mesh body parts there is just no going back! While I do prefer the Maitreya body, I prefer the Slink hands/feet & often wear a combination from both brands.

My shape, imo, has changed considerably since I began wearing a body!  Most noticeably I am a bit thicker in the legs, thighs, butt, & breasts.  I do enjoy a thick pair of legs & bottom, it just makes fitting clothing more challenging.  I’m currently petitioning for the medarge size..

And lets not forget my adorable lil’ Skunky from MishMish who wanted to be measured too!  How could I say no to that cute little face..

What I’m Wearing..

BodyMaitreya Mesh Body Lara
HandsSlink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1
FeetSlink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat
SkinGlam Affair Katra in Polar (+ Katra Lips 01)
EarsMandala Steking Ears
EyebrowsBuzzeri Natural Eyebrows
LashesMon Cheri “Falsies” Eyelashes
EyesBuzzeri Elysium Eyes – Avada
HairPloom Lollipop Girl
Bra/PantiesMaitreya Lara Mesh Bra/Panties
Nails(.vix) Vday Glitters
TattooSpeakeasy Divinity

SkunkMishMish Punky Skunk (@ collabor88)
Ruler[OO] Avatar Ruler by Oriolus Oliva


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