hi! it’s been a few days since my last post, but i *swear* i have a really good reason for that!

you see, over the weekend.. my girls and i had a certain birthday to celebrate. it wasn’t mine (that’s in february) and it wasn’t vivienne‘s (that’s not until august), but it was pumms‘ birthday on the 1st!!


and with us, it cannot just be one day of celebrations.. no no, that’s not how we work. instead, it’s been a whole three-day weekend of celebrating, with a rl get-together last night && a super awesome fantastic dance party tonight in sl. it’s gonna be good times!

so that’s what i’ve been doing since my last post. hopefully you’ll forgive me, but i had party planning to do! :3

aaaaaaanyhoo, onto the look i’ve got for today.. as i’m sure that’s what you’re here for!


some new goodies to talk about.. like the face makeup i’m wearing here, from lovely disarray. it’s available @ dark style fair (like the speakeasy tattoos i’ve been teasing lately!) and i love how *different* it looks on me. the short brows, the heavy eyeliner, hnnngh. astrexia knows how to make some fiiiiiiierce makeup and this one is no exception.

and i paired it with a dress i snagged @ the dressing room fusion by third eye, with the cutest li’l bone print, and a new hair from truth that’s out at uber with this *adorable* spiked kitty-ear headband (and ya’ll know my weakness for all things cat!). i happen to think i look sweet and cute, with just the right edge to keep things *vixxie*.

now, if you’ll excuse me.. i have some dj duties to take care of. a party playlist for tonight isn’t gonna make itself!

what i’m wearing…
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement gesture
ears – mandala – steking ears
skin – glam affair – katra in asia clean
eyes – buzzeri – moka eyes in angel (@ kustom9)
face makeup – lovely disarray – hozuki (@ dark style fair)
hair + headband – truth – sukie (@ uber)
tattoo – speakeasy – envy
piercings – haus of darcy – sillage
nails – .vix – blackened tips
dress – third eye – first date dress in bones (@ the dressing room fusion)
collar – yummy – belt choker
gloves – sweet thing – derby girl gloves
bracelets – maxi gossamer – ramona 777
wrist straps – katat0nik – bow wrist strap (@ collabor88)
pose – purple poses


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