hi, my name is vixxie, and i am a tattoo addict.


not that i’m not also a shoe addict, hair addict, piercing addict, accessory addict…

but! i do loves me some ink!

my t-shirt here from suicidal unborn, which is *half off* until the 20th (along with the rest of the store!), is pretty much my second life motto. i am always in need of new tattoos. so i thought i’d show off some of my current favorites, because this tee amused me so much! XD

the first one i’m wearing here is from speakeasy && is available at the end event. speakeasy ranks pretty high on my list of go-to tattoo brands, and is one i’m very proud to blog for. i don’t think there’s been one tattoo yet that i haven’t loved, and i *adore* how most are complete full-body ink. from the neck to the feet, even facial ink is included sometimes, and when i want covered in tattoos.. def speakeasy does it for me.

the second tattoo, on the legs, is from antielle and i snagged it @ seasons story. i love antielle’s ink too, but for different reasons. i own several now from this brand and the one thing they have in common is the art factor. they are always *so* well done, whether it’s something adorable like these summer-time treats, or something not so cutesy (and you can bet your bippy i grabbed this one too!). i really think kaorinette can do no wrong when it comes to tattoos.

and the last half-body tattoo i’m wearing is by white widow. this one is an older-ish release, but is one i grabbed at anybody recently, and i have exactly *zero clue* why it took me this long to try this tattoo brand! this ink, called whiplash, is just so gorgeous. i love the style of it, even how it’s arranged on the body, and i think it’s so feminine and lovely without being cute.. if cute isn’t something you typically go for.

are you as much of a tattoo junkie as i am? there are other brands i really like too — reckless, bolson && letis just off the top of my head — but these were tattoos that i wanted to show off in particular. there isn’t a time in which i’m not inked in world, and finding the *right* tattoo to go with a look is so much fun! if only i could pile on the ink just as easily on my rl avatar, too…

what i’m wearing…
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant
ears – mandala – simple ears hutuu
skin – glam affair – katra in asia 11
eye makeup – nox – pearl liner in pink
eyes – s0ng – ciate frost eye (@ kustom9)
hair – truth – astra
tattoo 1 – speakeasy – curse (@ the end)
tattoo 2 – antielle – delicious summer (@ seasons story)
tattoo 3 – white widow – whiplash (@ anybody)
ear piercings – haus of darcy – dragon’s tail gauge
facial piercings – haus of darcy – sillage
belly piercings – haus of darcy – thrust
nails – .vix – blackened tips
top – suicidal unborn – mineral wash crop top 02 (having a *sale* right now!)
undies – maitreya – lara panties
socks – maitreya – scrunched primsocks
shoes – flite – skyhigh in black (also having a *half off sale* right now, until the 17th!)
headband – atomic – beary cute headband
necklace – eclat – lock chain in silver
backpack – abrasive – charmed unicorn backpack morticia rare (@ oh my gacha)
bracelet – cx – zip up bracelet in silver (@ kustom9)
wrist band – katat0nik – bow wrist strap in black
poses – kirin


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