i promise it is sake.

if you know me, then you know i am a huge fan of the asian culture.. be it old school or modern, i love it all.  so i was more then happy when i heard the origami festival was opening up again and i got all dolled up in my cutest little kimono, grabbed my bag of lindens and headed off to partake in yet another shopping spree.

drinks anyone?

i went a few times actually, the first to do shopping and the second time i went back to take part in the rin-ne hunt that it features along with one of my besties vixxie. if you haven’t gone yet, you really should.. it was super fun, we had a blast and there are some really cute hunt prizes that the creators are offering, such as the sake set seen above from CX and if you squint.. the eye makeup i have on is a hunt prize from antielle. there is so much more to check out, so go and do that..and when you get back, i will serve you a nice little warm cup of sake! will probably have one or two…or three myself while i wait for you to get back.


•♥ (body) maitreya – mesh body lara
•♥ (hands) maitreya – mesh body hands
•♥ (feet) maitreya – mesh body feet
•♥ (skin) glam affair – eles – asia 08
•♥ (eyes) song – ciate – blind eye (at kustom 9)
•♥ (hair) little bones – potion (at hair fair)
•♥ (ears) mandala – steking ears
•♥ (piercings) haus of darcy – banrion faolchu – slide / lust nipple piercings – slide
•♥ (face tattoos) antielle – devil scar & onryou yuurei makeup (at origami)
•♥ (body tattoo) antielle – okami amaterasu
•♥ (outfit) silvery k – short kimono gown – red
•♥ (talons) CX – lethal talons & talon nails – black
•♥ (hair acc.) CX – tassel kanzashi – midnight (at origami)
•♥ (pipe) CxC – fireworks kiseru – sayobotan – black (at origami)

•♥ (background items) screen and lamp are from a gacha at silvery k and paper lanterns from yen can be found at origami along with the sake set from CX.

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