vacay on isla sorna

so! pumms and i were talking the other night about what sorts of vacations we’d love to take in our lifetimes… i said tokyo was somewhere i wanted to visit, pumms mentioned that italy was at the top of her list, but we both agreed that heading out on a safari is one of those *dreams* that you hope one day will be fulfilled.

welp. after a bit of internet sleuthing, i found a really awesome deal on a safari excursion, but not to africa.. to a li’l island off the coast of costa rica called isla sorna. have you heard of it? i sure hadn’t!

but it was well within our budget… like, so far within our budget that it seemed silly *not* to book it. and she ‘n’ i packed up our best safari gear (aka, lots of khaki!) and left immediately for our exciting trip~

when we arrived, we were both taken aback by the scenery. lush jungles, tall mountains, leafy flatlands.. but what we both noticed was the lack of tour guides or other tourists. i mean, this trip cost us next to nothing.. surely that would mean it’d be popular for other adventure seekers too?

we decided to just enjoy the quiet rather than question it, and we set off on a hike on our own without a guide.. stopping along the way to snap some selfies with the wildlife we found! this first creature we found was *so* huge and wasn’t anything that pumms or i recognized.. pumms suggested that it must’ve been a never-before-seen species of frog (her favorite animal ever!) and it was a good thing we took a picture of it so we could show it off to scientists.. or something.

next, as we headed on up the mountain, we spotted this fellow! what a magnificent specimen of vulture, wouldn’t you say? to be honest, i’ve always thought vultures were less scaly and more feathery, but what else could it be, right?

we caught him just in the middle of eating.. but he was friendly enough, thankfully, to let us pose for a pic with him! he seemed nervous though, i guess because he thought maybe we’d steal his meal? but he kept looking back over his flank, like he was watching for something to come up behind us.. weird.

when we reached the top of the mountain, we found an incredible forest.. where we took a break from hiking && figured we’d make camp for the night. but not before another selfie!

pumms and i still have two more glorious nights of safari left, but i’m really hoping we see more animals from here on out. so far we’ve only seen two, and it’s just disappointing not to see any of the exotic creatures that isla sorna holds. even though the trip wasn’t terribly expensive, i will *definitely* be asking for my money back if we don’t see anything impressive here soon!

if only vivienne was here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here with us, too…

what we’re wearing…
on pumms (red hair) ::
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant1
skin – glam affair – marta artic in clean (@ collabor88)
eye makeup – glam affair – marta eye makeup 03 (@ collabor88)
lipstick – glam affair – marta lipstick 6 (@ collabor88)
eyes – s0ng – bellair pale green eye
hair + hat – clawtooth – safari babe
tattoo – speakeasy – divinity
piercings – haus of darcy – #1
top – tres blah – khaki blouse in caramel
shorts – bueno – summer shorts in white
socks – sweet tea – bobby socks in white
boots – – roxanne boots in rawhide (part of mix)
necklace – half deer – wooden savannah necklace in giraffe
bracelet – boom – rescued metal bracelet in may/emerald (@ the arcade)
ring – maxi gossamer – venetian fortune

on vixxie (purple hair) ::
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant
ears – mandala – steking ears
skin – glam affair – marta asia in clean (@ collabor88)
eye makeup – veechi – liquid liner
lipstick – glam affair – marta lipstick 2 (@ collabor88)
eyes – ikon – triumph eyes in sky
hair + headbands – truth – anouk
tattoo – speakeasy – northshore
piercings – haus of darcy – dark winged
tank – maitreya – tank top in white
vest – the secret store – noah cropped vest in sand camo
pants – coco – cargo pants in khaki
boots – reign – gemma booties in tan
necklace – maxi gossamer – nima’s fall leaf necklace

on the t-rex ::
avatar – dawn kingdoms – tyrannosaurus mesh

poses – !bang
location – fort nowhere (also where you can find the t-rex avatar!)


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