in case you’ve not heard, there is a new “subscription” service in sl called luxe box. it’s like all those popular surprise boxes in rl.. you pay a fee every month for a box full of goodies, delivered right to your door, and you don’t know beforehand what you’re gonna get.

this concept, to me, is quite appealing. not only do i love surprises and subscription boxes in rl appeal to me a lot too, but also.. for luxe box, it was basically all of my favorite brands participating. blueberry, foxes, tee*fy, erratic, reign, tres blah, magika, scarlet creative, mish mish and so on.. the line up is pretty good, yeah?

so i joined basically the *second* the group was open, and i excitedly awaited my box…


and i gotta say, i’m pretty pleased with it!

for the first one, the contents were fantastic. fatpacks.. fatpacks everywhere! cute dresses, *awesome* shoes, cropped tops, lovely hairstyles, even houses && furniture. i’m wearing my personal favorites from the box above, and had so much fun unpacking everything && looking at it all.

i will say, though.. there were a couple of items inside that i wasn’t terribly keen on, and was a little disappointed that two of the items were maitreya lara exclusives. now of course, i do own that body, but my personal preference for mesh bodies is actually slink’s hourglass. it’s not a huge problem for me because i’ve just grown used to swapping bodies to wear this brand or that brand, but for other customers who may have just invested in one mesh body that isn’t maitreya then it might be a problem. for something that’s supposed to be a surprise.. that you buy before you can see anything inside.. it seems like it might be a good idea to offer things anyone and everyone can wear, not just owners of one specific body (despite how popular said body is).

overall, however, i really like the concept and am excited to see what comes in the next few months! as far as pricing goes, i’d say i’d be willing to pay double, triple even quadruple(!) the amount of this first month as long as the quality and color options for the items in the box remains the same. it could be that this first month was fatpacks galore because it was the very first one, and as the months go by that could change, but at least for now.. i’m willing to keep subscribing to see what comes.

did you subscribe to luxe box? did you like it? i think it’s fun and exciting, and something different than the insane amount of sim-specific events. i’m looking forward to seeing next month’s box and beyond~

what i’m wearing…
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant1
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin + all makeup – glam affair – laura applier in asia
hair – magika – may (part of luxe box)
eyes – buzzeri – glacier eyes in angel
tattoo – speakeasy – virtue
piercings – haus of darcy – banrion faolchu
blue dress – erratic – joan dress in blue (part of luxe box)
green/white dress – tee*fy – verna simple dress in spring (part of luxe box)
floral/red dress – tres blah – belted shift dress (part of luxe box)
purple top – foxes – vintage tied tee (part of luxe box)
pink top – blueberry – leign bustier (part of luxe box)
gray shoes – reign – madame booties in gray
tan boots – reign – luxe thigh high pumps (part of luxe box)
white shoes – reign – peep toe pumps in luxe white
beaded necklace – maxi gossamer – valencia
charm necklace – yummy – wayward charm necklace
red necklace – maxi gossamer – coachella gypsy (@ collabor88)
blue clutch – reign – boho pouch 5
white handbag – mutresse – mona bag
shoulder bag – c’est la vie – sunny day bag
puppy – mish mish – teacup pomeranian companion (part of luxe box)
all poses – bauhaus movement
backdrop – scarlet creative house (part of luxe box), botanical bushes, hayabusa design tree


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