wings unbroken

hi, my name is vixxie… and i was suffering from some *serious* second life withdrawal.

in case you didn’t see my sad little snapchat pic on my flickr, my computer died a sad, sad death. it bit the dust, and while i am positive it would’ve been possible to repair it.. i, instead, used it as an excuse to get myself a li’l upgrade. which just arrived to me today :3 and of course the first thing i did was download a sl viewer and hop in world as fast as i could to take some pics for blogging…

wings unbroken

and even though i was only gone for about 8 or 9 days all told (i actually sneaked in my last post just before my computer turned to dust), it felt like *forever* anyway and i am so behind on stuff!

i’m wearing a mish mash of new releases from some of my faves — blueberry, truth, reign, white widow and glam affair. and while i’m still fiddling with settings and such in my viewer, my new computer is *so* much faster and *so* much of an upgrade.. which means it might be a bit rough here to start off, but i’ll be able to show things off here even better than before! 😀

what i’m wearing…
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant1
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin – glam affair – violet applier in asia (@ mesh body addicts)
eye makeup – glam affair – kaia applier in asia
eyes – s0ng – lolita sky eye (@ gacha garden)
hair – truth – cerys
tattoo – white widow – allied (coming august 19 to fetish fair)
piercings – haus of darcy – dark winged
dress – blueberry – scarlet angelic dress (@ collabor88)
shoes – reign – ribbon heels (part of luxe box)
collar – maxi gossamer – valentina’s choker
poses – del may
location – vintage romance


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