3 frands..

As of late it has been very rare that all three of us are on SL together, due to work schedules & life & stuff.. 😦

3 frands.. So when we had the chance to finally have some friend time, I couldn’t resist to take a quick snapshot!!

What We’re Wearing..

Vixxie (pink hair)

HeadLeLutka – Simone
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsSlink – Dynamic Hands
SkinGlam Affair – Amaya LeLutka Applier (@ skin fair)
EyesSong – Aimi Pale Blue Eye
HairWasabi Pills – Danielle (@ chapter four)
TattooAbsence – Maritime Rose Tattoo
PiercingHaus of Darcy – Dark Winged
TopErratic – Ryleigh Hoodie (@ uber)
SkirtBlueberry – Distressed Skirt
HeadbandMango Cheeks – Kitten Romance
NecklaceMaxi Gossamer – Sugar Heart

Vivienne (white hair)

HeadCatwa – Catya Bento Head
EarsMandala – Steking Ears
Body/HandsMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
SkinGlam Affair – Reya Catwa Applier (@ collabor88)
MakeupGlam Affair – Funky Makeup Catwa Applier
EyesSong – Roma Sally Eye
HairTruth – Asuka (@ uber)
TattooSpeakeasy – Guiding Light Tattoo (@ the men’s dept)
Ear TapersMandala – Taper Pierce Pearl
Facial PiercingsCerberus Xing – Bento Labret/Snakebites Piercings
Chin PiercingHaus of Darcy – Little Scorpion 2
NailsCerberus Xing – Quirky Phat Claws
TopTres Blah – Relaxed Blouse (@ collabor88)
ShortsAddams – Lady Denim Shorts
ChokerCynful – Love Spell Choker

Pumms (red hair)

HeadLeLutka – Simone
Body/HandsMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
SkinGlam Affair – Amaya LeLutka Applier (@ skin fair)
EyesSong – Bio Ivy Eye
HairExile – Rush
TopALT by Truth – Paddington Sweater
PantsBlueberry – Grace Pants
RingMaxi Gossamer – Dew Encrusted Teardrop

hot cocoa

nothing feels better on a cold wintry day than having a huge cup of hot cocoa, complete with *extra* marshmallows.

hot cocoa

..in a mug that says fuck face, obviously~

legwarmers, earmuffs && a cute (and *insanely* detailed!) sweater kinda help, too. 😛

what i’m wearing…
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement casual && elegant
head – lelutka – simone 2.0
skin + makeup – glam affair – ravenna in asia (@ collabor88)
eyes – s0ng – miau blue eye (@ kawaii project)
hair + earmuffs – exile – first frost
piercings – haus of darcy – little scorpion 2 (@ cosmetics fair)
tattoo – absence – maritime rose
nails – .vix – blackened tips
sweater + dress – blueberry the cutieberry cardigan & dress
socks – reign – winter socks
shoes + legwarmers – n-core – nora in grey (@ uber)
necklace – maxi gossamer – falling starflake
cup – fetch – sippy mug cocoa rare
poses – le poppycock
location – watchtower

lots of layers

jackets, turtlenecks, button downs, hoodies, coats, scarves.. i love the whole outerwear look in fall && winter. not only does it look seasonal, but it just looks *nice*. especially when you’re hanging out where there’s snow ‘n’ ice!

however, now that everything is mesh.. sometimes layering the old fashioned way is difficult. finding a jacket that goes over this top, a hoodie that doesn’t clip with this sweater.. it’s possible to mix ‘n’ match a layered look, but it can often be more trouble than it’s worth.

soooo i’ve put together three looks that make the layered look easy as pie, with everything already layered for you! the best thing is these tops and jackets can be customized and colorized however you want, which makes things even easier. let’s start! 😀

my tops, from right to left, are from c’est la vie, blueberry && zenith.. and each one offers a different sort of look.

on the right, is something comfy && casual. a long cardigan, with a cozy sweater underneath, is perfect for having a lounge-around sort of day. i paired it with jeans (from addams) and some super cute fringed ankle boots (by reign) to look more ready-to-go-outside, but you could just as easily pair this sweater combo with leggings and some cute slippers and be comfortable for a day at home, too!

in the middle, i’ve mixed a couple of blueberry‘s latest separates with a scarf i grabbed last year from izzie’s && a *group gift* pair of reign boots. this jacket can look more formal, especially if you wear the lovely included necklace (which you can see here on my girl pumms!), but i thought it’d look just as cute as an outerwear coat, too.

and on the left, is something absolutely perfect for snowball fights and hunting down the perfect christmas tree! this zenith top ‘n’ jacket (found @ fameshed) was too good to pass up, and with some izzie’s applier jeans && a pair of wonderfully wintry boots (from fri.day @ the arcade) pulled this look together in the best way. i look like i’d be warm enough to brave even the coldest weather, and yet still cute enough to feel fashionable while doing so!

i’m also wearing one of my absolute favorite glam affair appliers as of late, along with some really cute hairstyles from besom, little bones && exile. and each look has a nice coffee drink (all by bueno), just to make sure i stay extra warm (and caffeinated)!

what i’m wearing…
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement gesture
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin – glam affair – debby applier in asia
eyes – s0ng – cardi sky eye (@ kustom9)
piercings – haus of darcy – bones
tattoo – white widow – aloft (@ madpea calendar)

in look one (black hat) ::
lipstick – glam affair – debby lips applier 16
hat + hair – besom – star (@ uber)
sweater – c’est la vie – wil cardigan in plaid black (@ shiny shabby)
jeans – addams – silvia ripped boyfriend jeans
boots – reign – amelia fringed booties
necklace – maxi gossamer – falling starflake
drink – bueno – mocha frappe (@ kustom9)

in look two (updo) ::
lipstick – glam affair – debby lips applier 22
hair – little bones – freyja
jacket – blueberry – tiffany jacket
skirt – blueberry – tiffany skirt
scarf – izzie’s – infinity scarf plain
tights – izzie’s – fishnet tights
boots – reign – anaiya boots (group gift!)
necklace – maxi gossamer – disco lover cross
drink – bueno – mug baby it’s cold (@ kustom9)

in look three (red hat) ::
lipstick – glam affair – debby lips applier 13
hat + hair – exile – snow fall (@ the arcade)
jacket – zenith – knit coat with shirt in white (@ fameshed)
pants – izzie’s – twinnie jeggings
boots – fri.day – greta boots in santa (gift @ the arcade)
necklace – maxi gossamer – nima’s fall leaf necklace
drink – bueno – coco cup life is better (@ kustom9)

all poses – le poppycock
backdrop – scarlet creative house, what next coffee machine, cocoa machine, side table, cocoa mugs (@ tannenbaum), paintings (@ tannenbaum)

now the witch is back..

..and there’s hell to pay.

now the witch is back..

Last Halloween my friends and I took a pic dressed as witches & it’s one of my absolute favs!  You can see that one here.

I liked it so much that I decided to do another one with the girls!!  This year we are wearing items from the Secret Spell Gacha by Blueberry @ The Epiphany!

Colors available but not pictured are red & white.

What We’re Wearing..

Vivienne (left)

HeadLAQ – Mesh Head Trinity
Body/Hands/FeetMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
SkinGlam Affair – LAQ Meredith Appleir in Asia
EarsMandala – Steking Ears
EyesBuzzeri – Chromatic Eyes Monarch (@ the epiphany)
TattooSpeakeasy – Ahoy Tattoo
NailsFormanails – Stiletto Nails
HairBold & Beauty – Winx (@ the epiphany)
Hat/Dress/Panties/Armlets/Boots/BroomBlueberry – Secret Spell Gacha (@ the epiphany)
NecklaceMaxi Gossamer – Dream Orb
RingsKibitz – Amisa Rings

Pumms (center)

Body/FeetMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsSlink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
EarsMandala – Steking Ears
SkinGlam Affair – Diann in Artic (new!! inworld store)
EyesSong – Oxy Pale Green Eye
EyebrowsBuzzeri – Natural Eyebrows
EyelinerGlam Affair – Marta Eyes Makeup #3
EyeshadowGlam Affair – Emma #6
LipstickGlam Affair – Emma #7
TattooSpeakeasy – Afterlife Tattoo
Nails (.vix) – Bright Solids
HairTaketomiWEST – Aly
Hat/Dress/Panties/Armlets/Boots/BroomBlueberry – Secret Spell Gacha (@ the epiphany)
Necklace!TLB – Familiar Choker
Ring (R)Maxi Gossamer – Royal Khadijah Estate
Ring (L)Maxi Gossamer – Duchess Dazzle Jewel

Vixxie (right)

HeadLeLutka – Mesh Head Leda
Body/FeetMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsSlink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
SkinGlam Affair – LeLutka Alyx Applier in Asia
EyesBuzzeri – Chromatic Eyes Sapphire (@ the epiphany)
TattooWhite Widow – Deepwater (@ the seasons story)
NailsCerberus Xing – Canidae Claws
HairExile – Fall (@ the epiphany)
PiercingHaus of Darcy – KYOU in Slide
Hat/Dress/Panties/Armlets/Boots/BroomBlueberry – Secret Spell Gacha (@ the epiphany)
NecklaceYummy – Pentagram Pendant
RingsKibitz – Nightmare Ring Set


sometimes, passing notes all through class is *totally* worth getting detention for…


if ya know what i mean. 😉

what we’re wearing…
on vixxie (purple hair) ::
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin + makeup – glam affair – kaia applier in asia
eyes – s0ng – oxy raven eye (@ kustom9)
hair – truth – isolde
tattoo – speakeasy – devour
piercings – haus of darcy – deardriu
nails – .vix – blackened tips
uniform – katat0nik – school ghoul uniform in classic rare (@ creators collection box)
collar – katat0nik – school ghoul skull collar red (@ creators collection box)
wrist cuff – katat0nik – school ghoul skull cuff white (@ creators collection box)
bow – katat0nik – school ghoul bow red (@ creators collection box)
gloves – realevil industries – coraline glove
socks + skates – phedora – kelly skate rollers (@ versus)
bag – edelweiss – school bag classic in black

on vivienne (white hair) ::
body + hands – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – laq – trinity
skin + makeup – glam affair – mimi applier in jamaica (@ uber)
eyes – s0ng – cia owl eye
hair – taketomi – aly
tattoo – speakeasy – restraint (@ fetish fair)
piercings – haus of darcy – ri fhaolchu
uniform – katat0nik – school ghoul uniform in red rare (@ creators collection box)
collar – katat0nik – school ghoul skull collar black (@ creators collection box)
wrist cuff – katat0nik – school ghoul skull cuff black (@ creators collection box)
gloves – zenith – leather belt gloves (@ shiny shabby)
socks – izzie’s – pencil socks
shoes – vale koer – moody platforms (@ kustom9)

on the hot teacher ::
body + hands – the mesh project – deluxe body
head – the mesh project – anime deluxe
skin – tableau vivant – cain in tone 04
facial hair – tableau vivant – facial hair 11 stubble
eyes – s0ng – oxy raven eye (@ kustom9)
hair – exile – rogue
suit – deadwool – peak suit
shoes – deadwool – monk shoes
glasses – le morte – disasterology glasses in black (@ the kawaii project)

female poses – purple poses
backdrop – tecmac desks, tables, books, monitor, speaker, chairs, blackboard, school room (@ ubume x origami), tableau vivant backpacks, katat0nik lunch box, floorplan notebooks, skeleton

hair fair!

hair fair is easily one of my *favorite* events of the year. not only does it benefit a wonderful cause, but it’s also haaaiiirrr.. and judging from my overflowing inventory folders of hair, i kinda like buying it.

this is just a small (very!! small) smattering of hair fair picks of mine. there are so many brands, styles, colors, accessories && freebies there to pick from that i had a hard time narrowing it down to just four, but i guarantee these will not be the only hair fair styles i am gonna rock this summer!

for more info on hair fair check out their blog!

anyway 😀 onto the hair!

first up, we have exile. this long, layered style is so, so cute! i love the way it frames the face and sweeps back over the shoulders, and exile has the most fab selection of dip-dye color choices. i never know which unnatural hair color pack to grab because they’re all so nice~

next, little bones! nova really outdid herself for hair fair, and i looooveee her styles this year! this one, called pose, immediately made me think of windswept beachy hair, and it looks perfect with a swimsuit.

now, onto lelutka. *all* of their hairstyles were a definite yes for me, but this one in particular was my favorite. the beanie is delicate and dotted with tiny li’l flowers, and i thought it worked so well with a kind of boho-themed look. plus i am loving their new color packs! no more do i have to decide whether i’d like pastel unnatural hair or vibrant unnatural hair, they’re both in one!

lastly, we have another little bones style.. except this time, it’s sleek, straight, smooth and tucked behind the ear. this one could so easily go with a more formal look too, maybe with an elegant gown or high-waist slacks and killer heels, but i dressed it down with some shorts ‘n’ a tank top.. and i think it works both ways!

if you haven’t been to hair fair yet, then gogogogogo! it runs til the end of the month and has always been one of the highlights of my sl summers!

what i’m wearing…
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement casual && elegant
ears – mandala – steking ears
skin – glam affair – niki in asia (@ collabor88)
eye makeup – veechi – extreme wings
lipstick – glam affair – marta lipstick 5
eyes – s0ng – lumi ocean eye (@ kustom9)
tattoo – white widow – shallows in black rare (@ the epiphany)
piercings – haus of darcy – banrion faolchu
nails – .vix – blackened tips

in look one (exile) ::
hair – exile – half-shut eyes (@ hair fair)
dress – blueberry – misti shackleton (part of luxe box)
shrug – dead dollz – beach please shrug in aqua (@ the epiphany)
necklace – maxi gossamer – dew encrusted tear drop

in look two (little bones) ::
hair – little bones – pose (@ hair fair)
swimsuit – mon cheri – vegas bikini in lime
body chain – mon cheri – twisted body chair in silver
glasses – glamistry – sunglasses pu2003
bag – amiable – i love summer beach gacha clear tote bag 06 (@ chapter four)
floatie – amiable – i love summer beach gacha swimming ring 02 (@ chapter four)

in look three (lelutka) ::
hair – lelutka – hf4 (@ hair fair)
top – ison – ruffle collar tank in coconut (@ collabor88)
shorts – addams – marisa double lace short (@ collabor88)
choker – izzie’s – eternity choker in brown

in look four (little bones) ::
hair – little bones – cross (@ hair fair)
top + harness – vinyl – schultz tube top (@ uber)
shorts + harness – vinyl – neyla shorts (@ uber)
collar – maxi gossamer – take me slave collar

all poses – exposeur
location – baja norte