here’s to 2019

ignoring the fact that this is my first post in, almost exactly, a year.. i couldn’t let this new year’s eve go by without writing something.

i miss blogging, i miss picture taking! i wish i could say that this is a turning point for me here on current outfit, a new fresh start for the upcoming year.. but i have to say that i already know it probably won’t be.

2018 was, i think, the hardest year i’ve ever had. there have been some hard ones in my lifetime so far, but this past year was.. a real doozy. the beginning of 2018 was a real struggle for me with depression, i felt very hopeless and lost. i had a lot of new responsibilities i don’t think i was quite ready for, which sent me into a bad downwards spiral. once i was starting to feel a bit better my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in july, and in november, right before thanksgiving, i lost her.. which has made what is usually my favorite time of year.. christmas, new years, the wintry holidays.. just somber and sad and not as full of light and excitement as it has been.

but even so, i am hopeful for the new year. i am hopeful for 2019. i am hopeful for all the new beginnings i have coming my way. i know it’s going to be hard, i know i am going to experience a whole year of firsts without my mom by my side. it’s going to be scary and unknown and probably a bit of a struggle, but i am still so hopeful that this coming year is going to be a good one.

more importantly, experiencing a loss like i have also really puts things into perspective for you. yes, i am grieving and yes, i am sad.. but i am also so very thankful for the people i still have in my life. for the family i still have.. for the wonderful people who are still with me. and two of the most important of those are my girls..

here's to 2019

they have been my rocks, my sanity. they’ve saved me more times than i can count. they are the best people in the world and while this year leaves me feeling like i have a little less to celebrate, they are the ones i raise my glass to.. and have been, for many many years.

so here’s to 2019. i hope it’s full of joy and happiness and new beginnings for everyone, including me.

three bunnies..

♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥♥♥

three bunnies..

What We’re Wearing..

Pumms (left)

HeadLeLutka – Simone
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsMaitreya – Bento Hands
EyesSong – Hope Clover Eye (@ kustom9)
SkinGlam Affair – Agnes Applier
HairTruth – Lilo (@ uber)
TattooBolson – Vergilivs
NailsAstralia – Compatible Nails System Stiletto
SeptumYummy – Lillian
Lip PiercingsGabriel – Silver Spheres
RingsYummy – Sweetheart
DressNeve – Midler
★ Balloon – MishMish – Somebunny Balloon (@ uber)

Vixxie (center)

HeadLeLutka – Simone
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsMaitreya – Bento Hands
EyesIzzie’s – Angel Eyes blue
SkinGlam Affair – Lilian
HairDoe – BearBear (@ epiphany)
TattooAbsence – Maritime Rose Tattoo
NailsCerberus Xing – Shredder Claws
Piercing #1Haus of Darcy – Little Scorpion 2
Piercing #2Cerberus Xing – Bitten
ChokerCerberus Xing – Mutt’s Collar
TopAtomic – Devotion Sweater V-Day Exclusive (@ n21)
SkirtTeefy – Joey Skirt Sweetheart

Vivienne (right)

HeadCatwa – Catya
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
EyesSuicidal Unborn – Ophelia
SkinAtomic – Lumi (@ epiphany)
HairTruth – Teanna
TattooSpeakeasy – Breathe (@ pocket gacha)
RingsYummy – Sweetheart Rings
SeptumYummy – Ariana
PiercingsSuicidal Unborn – #5 Bridge/Dimples/Snakebites
NecklaceMaxi Gossamer – Keshi Pearl Heart
DressTres Blah – Smitten Outfit

rainbow bridge.

it’s been a while since i blogged, it’s been a busy end of the year and the holidays always make everything that much crazier, but all of that is past now and a new year has started which i’m thankful for because the end of 2017 really kicked me right in the ass out its way out the door.

i was going to write a big, long, sad post but i just don’t have it in me.. so this is just a little tribute to my fur baby of seventeen years, who decided it was time to take that walk on the rainbow bridge on decemeber 28th, 2017.  you will never, never know how much joy and love you brought into so many peoples lives, especially mine and i will never be the same without you.

until we meet again.. ♥

rainbow bridge

i don’t really have it in me to do credits and such but the hair is truth, catwa head with glam affair applier, clothes are from birdy/foxes, tat is from speakeasy, nails are empire, rings are from yummy, and the little puppers is from jian.

new year hope

happy new year, everybody!

new year hope

2017, man.. what a year. it had some good times, no doubt about it, but i dunno about y’all.. it really flipped us off on its way out. i for one am glad to let 2017 and everything that came with it, be behind me.

i am.. cautiously optimistic about 2018. i’m hopeful. i feel like you *have* to be hopeful, otherwise the tough times of the previous year just keep their hold on you into the next. and i want more than anything to have a fresh start, to have this year be better than the last, so i’m hopeful for now that the new year will bring good things to us.. all of us.

my girls && i are wishing everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous 2018. cheers to a new year and to new experiences, and be hopeful with us that 2018 will be better. ♥

what we’re wearing…
on pumms (left) ::
body + hands – maitreya – lara
head – lelutka – simone
skin – glam affair – greer
eyes – s0ng – crystal forest eye
hair – truth – ginerva (group gift!)
tattoo – bolson – vergilivs
piercings – gabriel – lip piercing sphere
nails + rings – realevil – precious set square
dress – erratic – chiara dress in gold (@ collabor88)
bracelet – maxi gossamer – athena

on vivienne (center) ::
body + hands – maitreya – lara
head – catwa – catya
skin – atomic – holly
eye makeup – izzie’s – festive shimmer eye makeup
lipstick – izzie’s – shimmer lipstick
ears – swallow – darkness ears
hair – magika – seven days
tattoo – speakeasy – girl boss
septum piercing – yummy – ariana septum
other piercings – suicidal unborn – piercing set 05
nails – astralia – compatible nails system
dress – ison – tina dress (@ collabor88)
necklace – voluptas virtualis – bianca
rings – yummy – stella rings

on vixxie (right) ::
body + hands – maitreya – lara
head – lelutka – simone
skin + makeup – glam affair – amaya
ears – mandala – steking ears
eyes – izzie’s – angel eyes in blue
hair – truth – farryn
tattoo – speakeasy – burnout
septum piercing – yummy – samantha septum
lip piercings – cx – bitten (group gift!)
nails – astralia – compatible nails system
top – tres blah – draped halter in gold (@ collabor88)
skirt – tres blah – party skirt in gold (@ collabor88)
necklace – maxi gossamer – solitaire heart
ring – cx – skull ring

pose + props – come soon
backdrop – gypsy heart

christmas cheer..

christmas cheer..

What We’re Wearing..

Vixxie (left)

HeadLeLutka – Simone
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
EyesBuzzeri – Moonstone Eyes Pure
SkinGlam Affair – Amaya Applier
EyelinerVeechi – Pin Up Liner
LipstickIzzie’s – Halloween Colors Lipstick Set
TattooSpeakeasy – Burnout Tattoo Faded
HairRunAway – Sam Hair (@ fameshed)
Gloves/NailsVoluptas Virtulis – Oriana
PiercingCerberus Xing – Bitten (group gift)
SeptumMandala – Okashi
TopBlueberry – Minnie Winter Coats
JeansVillena – Skinny Jeans Dark Denim
BootsEmpire – Edelweiss
CollarCerberus Xing – Mutt’s Collar
Necklace #1Doe – Merry Lights Necklace (gift at the arcade)
Necklace #2Astralia – Pizza Heart Friendship

Vivienne (center)

HeadCatwa – Catya
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
EarsSwallow – Darkness Ears
EyesSuicidal Unborn – Delora Eyes Aqua
SkinAtomic – Holly Applier (@ the arcade)
HairEntwined – Chloe
SeptumYummy – Ariana (@ the arcade)
PiercingsSuicidal Unborn – Bridge/Dimples/Snakebites
JacketPixicat – Puffer Jacket
JeansBlueberry – Pizza Jeans
BootsReign – Laced Moon Boots
NecklaceAstralia – Pizza Heart Friendship

Pumms (right)

HeadLeLutka – Simone
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsMaitreya – Bento Hands
EyesSong – Crystal Forest Eye
SkinGlam Affair
TattooBolson – Vergilivs
HairMagika – Unwrap Me
Nails/RingsRealEvil – Precious Set
PiercingGabriel – Lip Piercing Silver Sphere
Sweater/DressBlueberry – The Cutieberry
LeggingsErratic – Basics Dark
BootsFlite – Winter Boots
NecklaceAstralia – Pizza Heart Friendship

first flurries

the holidays always make me nostalgic for second life. some of my best sl memories center around spending the holidays with my friends && family, exchanging gifts and exploring wintry sims and causing mayhem on sleds.. and taking lots and lots of pictures.

first flurries

yeah, i’ve still been rattling around on the grid all this time.. just not blogging. to say that i’ve had a hard 2017, especially the latter half, is putting it extremely mild. this year has been rough in my real life and i just needed a break from the blogging world to focus offline instead. i can’t exactly say i’m back at it again like i was, but i do get li’l nostalgic pangs for sl around the holidays.. and even though it’s been tough, i couldn’t let 2017 end without, y’know, saying hi again and stuff.

so hi. 🙂

what i’m wearing…
body + hands – maitreya – lara
head – lelukta – simone
skin + makeup – glam affair – amaya in asia
eyes – buzzeri – moonstone eyes in pure
hair + hat – doe – ruby v2
tattoo – speakeasy – burnout
nails – astralia – compatible nails system
nose piercing – yummy – samantha septum (@ the arcade)
lip piercings – cx – bitten (group gift)
dress – pixicat – dark dress in plaid
ring – cx – skull ring
pose + snow prop – sari sari (edited)

winter weather, sweater weather..

winter weather, sweater weather..

What I’m Wearing..

HeadLeLutka – Simone
BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
HandsMaitreya – Bento Hands
EyesSong – Crystal Forest Eye
SkinGlam Affair
TattooBolson – Vergilivs
HairTruth – Ginevra (truth vip)
PiercingGabriel – Silver Spheres
Nails/RingsRealEvil – Elektra
OutfitZenith – Cardigan Sweater w/ Shirt Dress (@ kustom9)
DrinkReign – Marshmallow Lover Cocoa (group gift)