happy valentine’s day!

hey everybody! happy valentine’s day! 8D

while vivi and braden are sickeningly cute && pumms eagerly awaits her hubs’ return home (/eyebrow waggle), allarik and i are spending a li’l time together too…

happy valentine's day!

if you’re celebrating today too, i hope you have a wonderful valentine’s!

what we’re wearing…
on vixxie ::
body + hands – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – simone 2.0
skin + makeup – glam affair – carmilla applier in asia
eyes – buzzeri – okina eyes in skye blue
hair – truth – honeyana (group gift!)
tattoo – absence – maritime rose
piercings – haus of darcy – dark winged
nails – .vix – convo hearts
dress – candydoll – kiara dress (@ collabor88)
boots – reign – huntress boots (@ collabor88)
necklace – earthstones – rowena necklace

on allarik ::
body + hands – the mesh project – deluxe body
head – the mesh project – anime deluxe
skin – tableau vivant – marcus in tone 04
eyes – s0ng – miau vamp eyes (@ kawaii project)
hair – dura – boy 73
tattoo – speakeasy – departure
piercings – realevil industries – savage face piercings
claws – cx – broken claws
top + suspenders – deadwool – ed shirt
pants – deadwool – pleated pants
shoes – deadwool – monk shoes
ring – cx – skull ring
glasses – le morte – disasterology glasses

pose – purple poses (@ rewind)
backdrop – rama background (@ gacha garden), half deer balloons

what’s new, pussycat?

whoaaaaa whoawhoa whoooaa whooooaa~

what's new, pussycat?

what i’m wearing…
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement casual
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin – glam affair – misha applier in asia (@ uber)
eyes – s0ng – cardi sky eye (@ kustom9)
hair – truth – sugar (group gift!)
tattoo – white widow – allied
piercings – haus of darcy – bones (@ we love roleplay)
top – dead dollz – opal in blue
panties – phedora – scarlet panties
stockings – reign – kitty stockings
cat ears – half deer – mewnificent snow corset ears
cat tail – half deer – mewnificent snow tail
earrings – glam affair – paris earrings in snow (@ uber)
poses – purple poses
backdrop – scarlet creative house, half deer sofa + rug, izzie’s cat shelf, jian hammock kitty

coffee break

amidst the rush of christmas shopping, inworld and irl.. online and in brick and mortar stores.. i decided that i needed a midday coffee break. to refuel, re-energize, regroup.. get my head back in the game, so i could shop shop shop some more~

coffee break

as you may or may not know, i am a *coffee fiend*. i just can’t function without a cup (or three) a day, and nothing keeps me going better than a strong, hot, sweet cuppa joe. the break is admittedly nice, but i can’t dally for too long or else i’ll miss all the good sales, and that just can’t happen!

what i’m wearing…
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar emplacement casual && elegant
head – lelutka – leda
skin – glam affair – debby applier in asia
lipstick – glam affair – debby lips applier 24
eyes – s0ng – cardi sky eye (@ kustom9)
hair – little bones – lana (@ n21)
piercings – haus of darcy – bones (@ we love roleplay)
tattoo – absence – maritime rose
top – candydoll – isaria dress
pants – izzie’s – twinnie jeggings
shoes – candydoll – joly heels (@ n21)
necklace – cae – snowflake necklace in onyx
cup – half deer – sweetmallow hot cocoa
poses – le poppycock
backdrop – roost kitchen, tres blah tea cups, donut and coffee, standby inc coffee canisters, blueberry hill right meow mugs, lisp rug


so! the last couple of days, for me, have been kinda busy! it was my girl vivi‘s birthday on wednesday and there was lots of celebrating to do. we ate, we drank (so, so much wine), we partied, we had a li’l sleepover.. we had *lots* of fun, with pumms of course too, but now that i’m home..


..i feel like i need to recover a little bit. 😛

i’ve not changed out of my pajamas, nor have i left my bed, all day. i had an absolute blast hanging out with my besties, but it’s definitely gonna take me a couple days to get back to normal!

all worth it, though. i hope vivi had a fabulous birthday ♥♥ and i’m so glad i got to be there with her to celebrate it!

what i’m wearing…
body – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant && casual
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin + makeup – glam affair – eline applier in asia
eyes – s0ng – oxy raven eye (@ kustom9)
hair – truth – satyra 2
tattoo – speakeasy – devour
piercings – haus of darcy – dark winged
sweater – tetra – lace-up wool sweater in navy
pants – paper arrow – linen trousers in navy
slippers – half-deer – sweet dream slippers in unicorn cat rare (@ gacha garden)
choker – the sugar garden – 90s choker in blue (@ the kawaii project)
pose – bauhaus movement
backdrop – trompe loeil house (@ collabor88), tarte bed (part of luxe box), fancy decor table, books && candle (part of luxe box), dust bunny skull, twig wall hanging && teacup planter, sway’s cat planter, what next fan, kunst wood wall hanging, izzie’s cat shelf, jian kitties

back in the groove

what better way to get back into the groove of blogging than with a li’l music?

..get it? groove? music?

ahahah… aha… ah…….

back in the groove

anyway 😀

i won these *rare* half deer kitty cat headphones from manga fair and that was basis of my entire look today! i wanted to use them so badly in something because.. lookit them.. they’re freakin’ adorable.

soooo i wore them with a hair that fit underneath them pretty perfectly, from little bones (that’s out @ c88 && comes with a set of golden laurels too!) in a pretty pastel ‘n’ blonde combo, along with blueberry‘s summery cropped top from this month’s luxe box, a pair of *super* cute cut-off shorts from maitreya (on offer @ mesh body addicts) and yet another gacha rare, this time from gacha garden, with these bunny-ear heels from phedora (that come in a *crazy* amount of colors in the rare!).

i’ve also gotta give a special shout out to my girl bibi, who helped me out with this tentacio shopping bag that’s full of musical goodness. it was the last li’l detail i needed to complete my groove-inspired look && she helped a girl out! thank youuuu ♥♥

what i’m wearing…
body + feet – maitreya – lara
hands – slink – avatar enhancement elegant1 && bag
head – lelutka – leda
skin + makeup – glam affair – kaia applier in asia
eyes – s0ng – oxy raven eye (@ kustom9)
hair – little bones – vanessa (@ collabor88)
tattoo – white widow – signs in black (coming august 21 to madpea’s treasure of the inca warrior)
piercings – haus of darcy – deardriu
top – blueberry – august top (part of luxe box)
shorts – maitreya – high waisted short torn #06 (@ mesh body addicts)
shoes – phedora – molly heels rare (@ gacha garden)
music player – tentacio – downtown visit music pocket blue
bag – tentacio – downtown visit shopping bag
headphones – half deer – mewsical headphones in creepy cute milk rare (@ manga fair)
poses – exposeur
location – pont mirabeau

modern princess..

My friends and I decided to partake in one of our picture challenges the other night!  For this one we all received a random Disney princess & had to bring them into our own current time.  Let’s see what they are up to..


With help from Meeko & Flit, Pocahontas does very well for herself as a freelance nature photographer.  There is nobody better at capturing the beauty of the earth & the creatures whom inhabit it.


Aurora takes time to have a picnic in the meadow with her furry little friends.  She reads them the haunting tale of when she was audited by the evil tax collector Ms. Maleficent, before she heads home to make dinner for her man Phillip.


Rapunzel has opened her very own hair salon called Let Down Your Hair.  She has made it her life’s mission to to make sure everyone has a nice styled do, at a very reasonable & realistic length.

What We’re Wearing..

Vixxie (Pocahontas)

HeadLeLutka – Mesh Head Stella
Body/Hands/FeetMaitreya Mesh Body Lara
SkinGlam Affair – Kaia (LeLutka Applier) in Jamaica
EyesIkon – Charm Eyes
EyelashesIzzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes
HairLeLutka – Pocahontas Hair
Tank TopBlueberry – Tank Top (group gift)
VestPumpkin – Fringe Vest
JeansGizza – Virginia Jeans
BeltMaitreya – Old Leather Belt
ToteReign – Summer Lovin Tote
NecklaceMaxi Gossamer – Keisha
CameraHalf Deer/Le Poppycock – Say Cheese Moments In Film

Vivienne (Aurora)

Body/Hands/FeetMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
SkinGlam Affair – Eles in America
EyesBuzzeri – Zodiac Eyes Siren
EyelashesIzzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes
EyelinerGlam Affair – Cartoline Eyes Makeup #7
TattooSpeakeasy – Cats Meow ( @ kawaii project)
HairMagika – Jupiter Crash
RomperAddams – Perry Romper w/ Belt

Pumms (Rapunzel)

BodyMaitreya – Mesh Body Lara
EarsMandala – Steking Ears
HandsSlink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1
SkinGlam Affair – Sia II in Artic
EyesSong – Venus Ivy Eye (@ hentai fair)
EyebrowsBuzzeri – Natural Eyebrows
EyelashesIzzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes
EyelinerGlam Affair – Marta Eyes Makeup #3
HairTruth – Amoret
Nails(.vix) – Pastel Tips
TopBlueberry – Roro Cropped Top
LeggingsBlueberry – Denise Leggings
BootsReign – Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots