my valentine.

dragged the hubs in here for a picture, hopefully everybody out there has someone as great as this guy! thank you for tolerating me and for taking out the garbage.   happy valentine’s day everyone! ♥

my valentine.


•♥ (body) maitreya – mesh body lara
•♥ (hands) maitreya – mesh body hands
•♥ (head) catwa – catya bento head
•♥ (head applier) glam affair – minerva – asia (at collaborate)
•♥ (lipstick) glam affair – funky lipstick for catwa – set 2 (at rewind)
•♥ (hair) truth – fire (rare from the gacha at epiphany)
•♥ (eyes) song – miau – frost eye (at the kawaii project)
•♥ (tattoo) speakeasy – decay tattoo (at TMD)
•♥ (piercing) haus of darcy – little scorpion 2 – slide
•♥ (nails) astralia – regina nails for maitreya
•♥ (outfit) tres blah – smitten outfit (from jan. luxebox)
•♥ (ring) avaway – wedding ring #2 – for her (at the gacha garden)


•♥ (body) slink – physique male mesh body
•♥ (hands) slink – avatar enhancement hands – relaxed
•♥ (skin) tableau vivant – kat – tone 7
•♥ (ears) mandala – steking ears
•♥ (hair) dura – boys&girls 55 – black
•♥ (facial hair) deadwool – full beard & mustache
•♥ (eyes) song – shiro – hazel eye (at TMD)
•♥ (tattoo) bolson – fahrenheit
•♥ (glasses) sleepy eddy – glasses collection – square black
•♥ (jacket) blankline – flight jacket – black (at TMD)
•♥ (jeans) consignment / valiant – seafire B1 – normal (from decemeber 2016 arcade)
•♥ (ring) izzie’s – initials love ring – male version

•♥ (background) rama – hello cafe (at the gacha garden)


don’t be afraid, as she pulled down the shade
said there’s nothing to fear, but the monster is here
so just tell me the time, be it quarter of nine
since the sun’s gone away, now the creature will play


what i’m wearing…
body + hands – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – simone 2.0
skin + makeup – glam affair – ravenna in asia (@ collabor88)
tattoo – absence – maritime rose
facial piercings – haus of darcy – little scorpion 2 (@ cosmetics fair)
stomach piercings – haus of darcy – thrust
nipple piercings – the forge – fluer nipple ring
hair – truth – lisette
nails – cx – hayop in black
harness top – empire – arcade dec ’16 bat harness
panties – empire – arcade dec ’16 panties
harness legs – empire – three strap harness
legs – cx – yule lord hooves in black
horns – cx – yule lord horns in jade
tail – cx – yule lord tail in jade
blindfold + lip chain – cx – sacrosanct blindfold in gunmetal (@ the epiphany)
cuffs – cx – stray’s cuffs
cigarette – kunst – slim cigarette holder
poses – del may



what i’m wearing…
body, hands + feet – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – simone 2.0
skin + makeup – glam affair – lilian applier in asia
eyes – s0ng – miau blue eye (@ kawaii project)
hair – little bones – callista
piercings – haus of darcy – banrion faolchu
tattoo – white widow – silence in white (@ bishbox headquarters)
nails – energie – long point nails
lingerie – moon elixir – fairytale atelier corset, cage skirt, panties, bra, garters && choker (@ the epiphany)
shoes – reign – platform ballet slippers (@ n21)
socks – luxuria – lace trim thigh high socks
arm bands – muka – arm straps
poses – le poppycock
backdrop – exposeur


who doesn’t love a good set of lingerie? ’cause i sure do!

some of my favorite brands have released some insanely sexy lingerie sets lately and, i mean, any excuse to do a photo shoot in my panties! 😛

first up, blueberry && foxes. both of these sets can be found @ the epiphany and playing for pieces is *so* worth it. blueberry’s set is so intricate and beautiful, and makes me feel very victoria’s secret angel with these glorious bento back wings! and it’s no secret that i love straps and buckles and harnesses, and this set from foxes in this gorgeous dark blue.. just unf.

also @ the epiphany are both of these candydoll sets. the jane set (on the left) && the mary set (on the right) are full of mix ‘n’ match pieces that are *so* sexy! ruffled panties, cute rare socks, cut outs and straps and lots of color options~

plus, i’m wearing the collabor88 skin release from glam affair called ravenna that has awesome makeup choices && such a cute face.. as well as three of truth‘s newest hairs (including *two* group gifts!), a cute wasabi pills ‘do @ chapter four && white widow‘s latest tattoo for shiny shabby that is just as beautiful and detailed as they always are!

what i’m wearing…
body, hands + feet – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – simone 2.0
skin + makeups – glam affair – ravenna in asia (@ collabor88)
eyes – buzzeri – okina eyes in skye blue (@ the epiphany)
piercings – haus of darcy – little scorpion 2 (@ cosmetics fair)
tattoo – white widow – harmonium in black (@ shiny shabby)
nails – energie – long point nails

in look one (red/gold) ::
hair – truth – gaea (group gift!)
bra + panties – blueberry – angelberry rare bra/panties in shine (@ the epiphany)
corset – blueberry – angelberry corset in lover (@ the epiphany)
shoes – blueberry – angelberry shoes in shine (@ the epiphany)
wings – blueberry – angelberry rare wings in pure (@ the epiphany)
necklace – maxi gossamer – love catcher heart

in look two (navy) ::
hair – truth – miriam
harness + pasties – foxes – doll harness in navy (@ the epiphany)
shoes – reign – pseudo heels (@ hentai fair)

in look three (pink) ::
hair – wasabi pills – bianca style 1 (@ chapter four)
top + panties – candydoll – jane collection panties and top in pink (@ the epiphany)
cuffs – candydoll – jane collection arm cuff and leg bracelet in rose (@ the epiphany)
shoes – empire – wing shoe

in look four (black) ::
hair – truth – kati (group gift!)
top + panties – candydoll – mary collection tank and ruffle panty in black (@ the epiphany)
socks – candydoll – mary socks rare (@ the epiphany)
headband – – candydoll – mary collection ears headband in black (@ the epiphany)
shoes – reign – classic jane heels

all poses – le poppycock
backdrop – scarlet creative house, birdy fireplace, mannequins, bed, floorplan vanity, glam affair rug, dust bunny vase

me day

do you ever just need a day to yourself.. to lounge around comfortably, to binge watch tv shows and eat horribly delicious sweets, to just *be*?

i know i personally need a me day every once in a while, and since a lot of my favorite designers have released stuff that fits a good lounge about.. i decided to take a short break from my vegetative state and show off a few looks befitting a day like today!

candydoll (on the left), reign (in the middle) && blueberry (to the right) have all supplied me with comfy clothes that are still both cute and sexy. just ’cause you act like a bum all day doesn’t mean you gotta look like one! 😛

and with some new truth hairstyles (that are just *too* gorgeous), a new skin applier from glam affair, and the second piercing from haus of darcy that i blogged yesterday, i still feel presentable enough that i could totally do other stuff than just lounge around.. if i really wanted to. which i don’t, ’cause that’s the whole point of having a me day. but i could!!

what i’m wearing…
body, hands + feet – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – simone 2.0
skin – glam affair – susan applier in asia 02 (@ the epiphany)
eyes – s0ng – piaf blue eyes
piercings – haus of darcy – little scorpion 2 (@ cosmetics fair)
tattoo – speakeasy – ahoy

in look one (romper) ::
hair – truth – ice (@ the epiphany)
romper – candydoll – yeesha sweatsuit (@ collabor88)
socks + slippers – reign – beary cozy slippers w/ socks
necklace – maxi gossamer – solitaire heart
bag – reign – sleepover bag (@ the epiphany)

in look two (shorts) ::
hair – truth – fire (@ the epiphany)
top – reign – cozy thermal (@ the epiphany)
shorts – reign – cozy shorts (@ the epiphany)
socks – luxuria – lace trim thigh high socks
slippers – reign – fuzzy dot slippers (@ the epiphany)
collar – yummy – crochet collar in black
mug – reign – cozy cocoa marshmallows (@ the epiphany)

in look three (pants) ::
hair – truth – wind (@ the epiphany)
undershirt – blueberry – jolly holidays gift mini sweater (group gift!)
pants – blueberry – minerva joggers (@ collabor88)
sweater – foxes – wallflower cardigan in slate
socks – reign – pom pom ankle socks (@ the epiphany)
shoes – reign – arianna sneakers (@ collabor88)
collar – cx – mutt’s collar
phone – reign – white dots phone case (@ the epiphany)

all poses – le poppycock
backdrop – scarlet creative house (@ collabor88), reign donuts, makeup bag (@ the epiphany), tarte bed, what next table, stand by television, jian kitten, glam affair rug

you’re invited

anyone wanna come to my halloween party? i have snacks!!

you're invited

lots and lots of snacks. so many snacks. far more snacks than any one single person can eat on their own. pies and cakes and candy apples, there’s even punch! it all looks so good, and smells even better. and i promise i’ll share! just maybe not the cookies, because i already had one and they are delicious and i’ll probably need at least six more. oh, and the mini pies.. i couldn’t possibly share those when i’ve had three already and know how good they are, can’t let those go. the cupcakes… you probably wouldn’t like those, they’re chocolate and i know how unpopular chocolate is this time of year. and the candy apples, well.. maybe we could split one but i guarantee i’d just eat your half when you’re not looking……

what i’m wearing…
body + hands – maitreya – lara
ears – mandala – steking ears
head – lelutka – leda
skin + makeup – glam affair – alyx applier in asia
eyes – buzzeri – chromatic eyes in sapphire (@ the epiphany)
hair – clawtooth – giselle
tattoo – white widow – moonlight (@ kinky monthly)
piercings – haus of darcy – dark winged
ear gauges – mandala – taper pierce neko
top – tres blah – olsen sweater in batty (@ collabor88)
shorts – empire – jeans shorts (@ seasons story)
socks – – marnie warmers in oatmeal (@ collabor88)
boots – – layla boots
necklace – reign – tattoo choker necklace
bracelets – maxi gossamer – ramona 77
bunny snack – disorderly + cureless – bunny roll toasted (@ seasons story)
poses – le poppycock
backdrop – dust bunny, boogers, artisan fantasy

this is halloween..

this is halloween..

hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween!


•♥ (body) maitreya – mesh body – lara
•♥ (head) catwa – annie
•♥ (head applier) glam affair – mina – dia de los muertos (exclusive at the epiphany)
•♥ (hair) tableau vivant – editorial – western wind
•♥ (eyes) suicidal unborn – yuna eyes – midnight / lythion eyes – waxen
•♥ (ears) mandala – steking ears
•♥ (neck piece) silvery k – neck corset rare
•♥ (gloves) violent seduction – lilith gloves – black
•♥ (nip piercing) aisling – sathys
•♥ (septum) mandala – okashi septum ring (gift at N21)
•♥ (tattoo) speakeasy – ahoy tattoo